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Engineer Tier IV Solo Candidate Trials

Engineer Candidate trials solo. I just had to do it you know? Advertisements

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Evon Gnashblade or Ellen Kiel

Hello hello! Welcome to my latest Tyria Talk, and this time it’s going to be a mix of everything. So today the latest Living World updated went live, named Cutthroat Politics, in which the war hero of Lions Arch Ellen … Continue reading

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Best Night Ever

It was the best night ever. Laughter was raining down like April showers. But no, not really, but it was a pretty awesome night. Finally, after almost 1 year of playing this game (on the same character mind you), I … Continue reading

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History of Tyria: March of the Forgotten

The Forgotten; the serpent race, protectors of Glint and secrets of the gods. Guiding the young races of Tyria through hardships and primitivity. We know that after they emerged from hiding from the last rise of the dragons, they travelled … Continue reading

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Mai Trin Solo

I tried to get the Aetherblade achivements on the last day of the dungeon. However, I couldn’t even get the achievements because my group kept wiping. I am insanely stubborn, so what do I do? Solo her.

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Legen-waitforit-dary: The Journey Begins

Hello hello! Welcome to my journey to acquire my legen-ireallyhopeyoulikebarneystinsonbecausethiswholefeatureisgoingtofilledwiththese-DARY.   I am a huge How I Met Your Mother fan, and it brings me much joy to tie my love for that show with the love for this game. Expect a … Continue reading

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Tyria Talk: On Jotun Stelae

Hello and welcome to Tyria Talk, where I’m going to take a moment to mostly reflect and give my opinion on things about the game, whether that be about gameplay, lore, or even the state of the game. This one … Continue reading

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