Evon Gnashblade or Ellen Kiel

Hello hello! Welcome to my latest Tyria Talk, and this time it’s going to be a mix of everything.

So today the latest Living World updated went live, named Cutthroat Politics, in which the war hero of Lions Arch Ellen Kiel is competing with the mercantile mastermind Evon Gnashblade for a seat on the Captains Council of Lions Arch with the recent assassination of the former captain, Theo Ashford via Aetherblade hands.

Evon Gnashblade

Evon Gnashblade

What’s interesting about this is that players will have an impact on the outcome of the vote, as the candidate who has the most player preference will end up being elected as the  council member. What does this mean? Well, each candidate (much like any other typical election) promisses endless things to their voters. Players voting for either candidate means they are permanently changing the game by adding exclusive content if their winner is selected, the other candidates promisses will be a long past echo.

Let’s see what each candidate is bringing to the table:

Evon Gnashblade

Ellen Kiel

As you can see, this is going to be very, very interesting.

First things first. Who am I doing to vote for? I’m going to go blunt honest and say Ellen Kiel and here’s why.

Evon Gnashblade is the co-founder and the leader of the Black Lion Trading Company. While his promise for the fractal, the Fall of Abbadon is amazing in the sense of how meaningful it is to the lore of Guild Wars (and it would be something I would be wholly interested in), the reduced gem costs for the Black Lion Trading chests is essentially, a vote for RNG.

Here’s another thing. We know all about the Fall of Abbadon considering Guild Wars Nightfall was full of lore hinting at his past and how he was dethroned from godhood. But what about the Thaumanova Reactor?

Emma Stone, er, I mean, Captain Kiel

Emma Stone, er, I mean, Captain Kiel

Ellen Kiel, war hero for Lions Arch, defending the people against karka invasions left and right, and more recently, the Aetherblade assaults. She’s cute in the sense where her character has a faint look of “Hi I’m modelled from Emma Stone”, but that doesn’t mean she won’t pack a punch on the council seat. Her reduced waypoint costs are going to be a welcome for absolutely every single player in Guild Wars 2. While she is the stereotypical hero, I can see her being voted on the council and her discovering that she is very out of place and having a ton of internal turmoil. While Evon will be more of a scheming villainy “I am in it for the money” type of guy. After all, Evons interests in the Fall of Abbadon are not exactly holy which will tarnish the misconceptions players have about how epic the fractal can be. It just won’t…

Honestly though, for ArenaNet to compete the Thaumanova Reactor with the Fall of Abbadon, they have something potentially more epic in store for us.

“When the reactor blew, the world's fabric turned inside out. Some things will never be the same.”

“When the reactor blew, the world’s fabric turned inside out. Some things will never be the same.”

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3 Responses to Evon Gnashblade or Ellen Kiel

  1. Maria Arcaneslash says:

    Excuse me, but Captain Kiel I can NOT vote for, and here’s why:
    1: she never helped during any of the events, she only stole the credit for all of it.
    2: she does not appear to have any leadership skills needed to help with a council of PIRATES in Lion’s Arch, because as much as she was there during the Karka and Aetherblades, she never did anything besides put Canach in cuffs after you weakened him and opening a door in AR.
    3: She doesn’t fund ANY of the campaigning, leaving Gnashblade to fund all of it (look in the gemstore). And Gnashblade gives the money he gets from the Aetherblades and voting tickets back to the people.

    Overall, my vote is for Gnashblade because I find Kiel under the ability of leading, and for Gnashblade for being in GW2 since the beginning and having the TP open for everyone to trade, including the Consortium, the self-declared competitors of Black Lion Trading company. If Gnashblade can lead that, he can tango with LA’s council.

    • totallytyria says:

      I get many of your points here. If you are looking at it from a strictly in-game perspective I can see why you would want to vote for only Gnashblade as Ellen seems to be a very blunt character who doesn’t really provide much to the game. Don’t forget though, in a game like this, your character will never really get the true credit they deserve because of how the game is written. We are never really the true heroes of Tyria, we are the underdogs, much like we were in Guild Wars 1. We are no Dragonborns. Ellen did however manage to find a loophole freeing the fugitives from the Consortium contracts, which was a well planned and very bold move. And as for her introduction into the election, we see a cut scene of Magnus basically forcing Ellen into it.

      Remember this is a game, and more importantly, it’s Guild Wars 2. These are all little tidbits of mostly developers failing to tell a compelling story with deep characters. It’s also core to it’s design, we are the ones guiding the NPC’s through their victorious moments (Ellen, all of Destiny’s Edge, and hell if Gnashblade wins don’t be surprised to have to guide him through something also).

      I’m voting only for the reduced way point costs as mentioned before because it helps the community on a whole, rather than the part of the community able to buy black lion keys. Also, the Thaumanova reactor is far more interesting to me because I think it’s going to pack a punch if it’s against the fall of Abbadon.

      And remember, the greatest of leaders have humble beginnings. Sometimes to be a great leader, you have to not want it in the first place.

      Good Talk 🙂

  2. Maria Arcaneslash says:

    Sorry for the late response. This is exactly what I was afraid of, doing stuff for ingame rewards instead of role-playing. (mind you, I really wanted fall of Abaddon! I want to fight those *Italics* STUPID *italics off* monoliths again.) I realize we would get a story instance with the council again, but at least we would go off to do something important for Evon, instead of going off with Kiel on a “wonder adventure of mystery!” And about being the under-dog in GW1, I liked it because you could still prove your power and you were a hero. Although… Kormir becoming a god… It sure shows even the most useless person can be… uh… infinitely powerful? Anyway, in GW1, when you played along, the other people and enemies were, in fact, more powerful, but in GW2, you take everything down by yourself in the instances and were treated accordingly as a hero, and yet Kiel simply says, “Good job on taking down all the steroided enemies, now I’ll handcuff them and take them to justice”? I just want the role-playing world to be stable, with a proper character in place, instead of people looking for short term benefits like keys (you liking the Thaumanova fractal is fine, I mean, that is simply an equal and powerful reward there!), but I would like to continue to have the world I live in to be as (I see) it should be.

    On an entirely different note, who likes the Wintersday Dwarf and Dwarfnip in GW1? I love that scene…

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