Spotlight: Magic and the Original Bloodstone

This post contains minor spoilers to the story of Guild Wars 2, although, most people should know these facts already. Going through the to the next chapter in the History of Tyria we are going to start talking about the Forgotten, the Dwarves and the arrival of the human gods. That being said, the Bloostone plays a very important role regarding magic in the world of Tyria, and I think it’s time to put a clear stamp on some of the most confusing lore regarding Guild Wars.

A seer.

A seer.

Magic has always existed in the world of Tyria. Since when the Giganticus Lupicus roamed the world, since before the first rise of the Elder Dragons. Magic exists in many forms; it’s known that old Canthan ritualists utilized magic different than that tied to the gods. The Forgotten also had magic of their own, it could not be corrupted by the elder dragons, and powerful enough to free Glaust from her masters grasp.

The elder races utilized magic and were free from the restrictions that the human gods had yet to put on it. When the elder dragons finally rose they consumed the world, and along with it, magic. Before the Elder Dragons had the opportunity to corrupt all the magic, the seers created the Bloodstone, a large stone they had forged, to store the untainted magic so it would not become corrupt. How they created the Bloodstone isn’t know. We don’t even know if the other races played a role in its creation (we know the mursaat didn’t because they fled and kept their magic before the elder dragons slumbered). The relation of the Bloodstone and what role it had, if any, with the elder dragons hibernating is also unknown.

The link between the Elder Dragons and magic is still very mysterious and is something we have yet to really delve into in Guild Wars 2. Eventually, and for unknown reasons, the dragons returned to their slumber. Primordus, the elder dragon residing in the depths of Tyria was known to bleed incredible amounts of magic; whether or not the other elder dragons did the same is unknown. When looking at the location of Orr, a place of immense magic, in which hidden beneath, the elder dragon Zhaitan was resting. He also seemed to bleed magic, giving Orr immense power.

Elder Dragon Primordus, resting in the Central Transfer Chamber of the asura, bleeding magic.

Elder Dragon Primordus, resting in the Central Transfer Chamber of the asura, bleeding magic.

After the dragons returned to hibernation, the races returned from their refuge. It was at this point that the Seers and the mursaat had their war, the jotun would rise to glory in the Age of Giants, the dwarves would forge their civilisation in the depths of the Shiverpeaks and the Forgotten would roam Tyria.

Magic stays static and untamed in the early history of Guild Wars, however, it gets really interesting with the arrival of the human gods. Humans, gods, dragons, mursaat and bloodstones will all play vital roles going through the story of Guild Wars and its ties with magic.

The complexities of magic in Tyria is hard to grasp and understand; its limits and origins are very unclear across the different magic types. I find its best that for now, to accept it exists and to not scrutinize it, yet. As for the bloodstones, they are suposed to play an important role continuing on into Guild Wars 2.

However, these are all stories for another time.


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