Race Spotlight: The Giganticus Lupicus

10,000 BE Last of the Giganticus Lupicus the Great Giants, disappear from the Tyrian continent.

In the official timeline released by ArenaNet, 10, 000 years before the Exodus of the Gods existed the Giganticus Lupicus, otherwise known as the “True Giants” or “Great Giants” from the scholars on Tyria.

Little is known of these great beings who existed before the gods came to Tyria. It is speculated that they were wiped out during the prior rising of the Elder Dragons. Their giant bones can be found across the world of Tyria, in the continents of Tyria and Elona.

In Guild Wars 2, while fighting in Arah you encounter a risen soldier of the Elder Dragon Zhaitan who is a reanimated Giganticus Lupicus. This was the only sighting of these beings in more than 10, 000 years, and the means in which Zhaitan procured this corpse is a mystery.


Concept Art for the Risen Giganticus Lupicus by Kekai Kotaki.

From this reanimated creature we are able to see that he holds lupinus features, his face sharing traits you would find in the face of a jackal. This works with their name Lupicus, which is a rough latin reference for “of relating to wolves”.

He is a much smaller giant compared to his ancestors remains which can be found across the Crystal Desert, leaving speculation that he may be an infant of his race, a defect, or maybe even a scaled version, having evolved 10,000 years later. This all depends however on how exactly Zhaitan was able to obtain this rare species. Are there some form of Giganticus Lupicus still roaming, or rather, hiding in the world of Tyria in the present day? Although highly unlikely, so little is known about this creature, and in fact the other continents on Tyria itself, that we cannot truly say for certain.

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