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Spotlight: The World

“The last day dawns on the Kingdom of Ascalon…” These iconic words were the first we heard upon playing our characters all those years ago. We discovered Ascalon, the beauty of the world, and we all fell in love with … Continue reading

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History of Tyria: 11,000 Years Ago

As time turns, cycles run. Seasons change while the sun rises and the moon descends, while the cold bites and the warmth comforts. In Tyria, the Elder Dragons rise, consume and slumber. History cannot tell the number of times they have … Continue reading

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Race Spotlight: The Giganticus Lupicus

10,000 BE Last of the Giganticus Lupicus the Great Giants, disappear from the Tyrian continent. In the official timeline released by ArenaNet, 10, 000 years before the Exodus of the Gods existed the Giganticus Lupicus, otherwise known as the “True Giants” … Continue reading

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