Engineer Tier IV Solo Candidate Trials

Engineer Candidate trials solo. I just had to do it you know?

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Evon Gnashblade or Ellen Kiel

Hello hello! Welcome to my latest Tyria Talk, and this time it’s going to be a mix of everything.

So today the latest Living World updated went live, named Cutthroat Politics, in which the war hero of Lions Arch Ellen Kiel is competing with the mercantile mastermind Evon Gnashblade for a seat on the Captains Council of Lions Arch with the recent assassination of the former captain, Theo Ashford via Aetherblade hands.

Evon Gnashblade

Evon Gnashblade

What’s interesting about this is that players will have an impact on the outcome of the vote, as the candidate who has the most player preference will end up being elected as the  council member. What does this mean? Well, each candidate (much like any other typical election) promisses endless things to their voters. Players voting for either candidate means they are permanently changing the game by adding exclusive content if their winner is selected, the other candidates promisses will be a long past echo.

Let’s see what each candidate is bringing to the table:

Evon Gnashblade

Ellen Kiel

As you can see, this is going to be very, very interesting.

First things first. Who am I doing to vote for? I’m going to go blunt honest and say Ellen Kiel and here’s why.

Evon Gnashblade is the co-founder and the leader of the Black Lion Trading Company. While his promise for the fractal, the Fall of Abbadon is amazing in the sense of how meaningful it is to the lore of Guild Wars (and it would be something I would be wholly interested in), the reduced gem costs for the Black Lion Trading chests is essentially, a vote for RNG.

Here’s another thing. We know all about the Fall of Abbadon considering Guild Wars Nightfall was full of lore hinting at his past and how he was dethroned from godhood. But what about the Thaumanova Reactor?

Emma Stone, er, I mean, Captain Kiel

Emma Stone, er, I mean, Captain Kiel

Ellen Kiel, war hero for Lions Arch, defending the people against karka invasions left and right, and more recently, the Aetherblade assaults. She’s cute in the sense where her character has a faint look of “Hi I’m modelled from Emma Stone”, but that doesn’t mean she won’t pack a punch on the council seat. Her reduced waypoint costs are going to be a welcome for absolutely every single player in Guild Wars 2. While she is the stereotypical hero, I can see her being voted on the council and her discovering that she is very out of place and having a ton of internal turmoil. While Evon will be more of a scheming villainy “I am in it for the money” type of guy. After all, Evons interests in the Fall of Abbadon are not exactly holy which will tarnish the misconceptions players have about how epic the fractal can be. It just won’t…

Honestly though, for ArenaNet to compete the Thaumanova Reactor with the Fall of Abbadon, they have something potentially more epic in store for us.

“When the reactor blew, the world's fabric turned inside out. Some things will never be the same.”

“When the reactor blew, the world’s fabric turned inside out. Some things will never be the same.”

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Best Night Ever

It was the best night ever. Laughter was raining down like April showers. But no, not really, but it was a pretty awesome night.

Finally, after almost 1 year of playing this game (on the same character mind you), I finally finished map completion! It was honestly, something that should have been done a long time ago but for some reason I kept getting distracted by the smallest little things (I’m looking at you, you beautiful sounding but all so terrible at the same time flute that I adore so much).

With map complete, I have officially reached the 25% mark for how complete my

There it is. Can you spot the Gift of Mastery?

There it is. Can you spot the Gift of Mastery?

legendary quest is (and this is totally not true considering it takes SO much more time than that, but if you divide the 4 componants into 25% each, it can give you a little hope that one day you will reach it right?). I put my Bloodstone Shard, my 250 Obsidian Shards, my Gift of Exploration and my Gift of Battle into the forge. BAM! I got the Gift of Mastery. That said, what’s next in this legendary quest? Well… Let’s see.

In my last post I decided to level out my weaponsmithing. It is something I will need later on when I need the Gift of Metal for the Gift of the Flameseeker Prophecies. At the same time, I thought it would be cool to have an accessible crafting method to chuck some rares and exotics into the mystic forge for a chance at the precursor. Well, my feelings have changed a little bit…

Doing some research into the experience of other people who have crafted their legendaries, a lot of people made a good point for crafting and the forge. Firstly, you are going for shield precursor, so naturally you are going to throw in the shield rares and exotics right? Wrong! It would actually be better to throw in great swords for a chance at Dusk, so you can sell it for almost 2x more the money and use that money to buy the precursor and have left over funds to cover other expenses for the materials needed. Secondly… Some people have thrown so much into the forge where they are at the point that they could have just strait up bought the precursor. Ouch, kinda discouraging isn’t it?

So, what do I do? Well here are my next goals.


Yea, no… I will be running CoF 1 yes. But I will do it on my Engineer.  I will make my own groups and I will accept any lovely people that will want to come do a casual speed run. I will even take level 70s. Why? Because I don’t need to be butt hurt over a video game. Doing CoF speed runs will allow me to get some gold as well as the dungeon tokens to buy exotic weapons to forge dump or get ectos. However CoF isn’t my main goal.

Next, I am about 100 tears shy of my Gift of Ascalon. So I will need to run that once in a blue moon. I will also be running the world bosses everyday, as well as completing my dailies for coins, karma, gold and ectos. A guild member of mine mentioned that I should just save up my karma jugs and unload on them when I’m fully karma gain buffed. Maybe I will do that. I’m not sure yet. I find karma comes so regularly that it’s not all that necessary. It may be convenient, but I can concentrate on other things.

Now, I decided that I am going to be buying most things with gold. Most tier 6 mats, including the lodestones, as well as needing to buy those juicy Icy Runestones (not).

Honestly, why am I doing this? It’s such a headache to keep track of things that need to get done and I can end up ranting about it. Oh well.



Above all else though I am going to be gambling up those mystic clovers first and foremost. I can see that taking a very long time. But time is money, and that time can be spent making money. That’s my ultimate goal. Gifts of Magic, Might, History, Metal are all very accessible if you have the money. As well as the Icy Runestones. The precursor? Well kids, that’s a story for another time.

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History of Tyria: March of the Forgotten

The Forgotten; the serpent race, protectors of Glint and secrets of the gods. Guiding the young races of Tyria through hardships and primitivity.

We know that after they emerged from hiding from the last rise of the dragons, they travelled Tyria, moving across the land and spreading wide. While some did stay with Glint, acting as her custodians and serving her needs, it seemed as if some suffered from wanderlust.

The map of Tyria from the Chantry of Secrets in Guild Wars 2 with the maps from Guild Wars 2, and Guild Wars: Factions & Nightfall spliced in. Showing the potential of the massive world and how far the Forgotten could have truly travelled.

The map of Tyria from the Chantry of Secrets in Guild Wars 2 with the maps from Guild Wars 2, and Guild Wars: Factions & Nightfall spliced in. Showing the potential of the massive world and how far the Forgotten could have truly travelled.

Evidence shows they have spread to many places in the world of Tyria. Historical remnants place them in Cantha, later wars with the charr show they moved north into the Blazeridge Mountains and the events of Nightfall show they had a large presence in Elona, having moved further south into the wastes. Eventually however, the race mostly retreated to the Crystal Desert to continue serving Glint, as well as being the overseers of Ascension.

Due to their migrations around the world, they had the opportunity to witness many things. Consequently, they can also hold many secrets. They saw the arrival of the human gods, and later, the humans themselves on the world of Tyria. But what is intriguing is the fact that the Forgotten have crossed the sea to reach Cantha, meaning that they may have perhaps travelled further into the world of Tyria.

We know that the world of Tyria is a giant place with many continents that are un-named currently. But perhaps the Forgotten moved to these continents during their travels, and witnessed history unfolding on those lands, which are mere mysteries to us now.

Concept art for the cancelled Guild Wars 1 expansion pack, Guild Wars: Utopia. More on this later.

Concept art for the cancelled Guild Wars 1 expansion pack, Guild Wars: Utopia. More on this later.

The extent of their journeys are unknown, as well as the potential it can offer to future stories in Guild Wars. Although we currently have not yet seen the Forgotten in Guild Wars 2, they may still be living in the world.

The desert sands await.

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Mai Trin Solo

I tried to get the Aetherblade achivements on the last day of the dungeon. However, I couldn’t even get the achievements because my group kept wiping. I am insanely stubborn, so what do I do? Solo her.

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Legen-waitforit-dary: The Journey Begins

Hello hello! Welcome to my journey to acquire my legen-ireallyhopeyoulikebarneystinsonbecausethiswholefeatureisgoingtofilledwiththese-DARY.   I am a huge How I Met Your Mother fan, and it brings me much joy to tie my love for that show with the love for this game. Expect a bunch of nerdy puns throughout this feature.

Behold, the man who inspired this title.

Behold, the man who inspired this title.

So, I have been casually playing Guild Wars 2 up to this point. I have been working towards my map completion since I hit 80 soon to be almost a year ago. I’m still not done. That’s how casual I am.

First thing was first. Why am I getting a legendary? Well to be honest I find that, other than the living world, there are rare incentives to actually play the game to accomplish something. I play just for something to do. Exploring the world and doing events are great. The world of Tyria has engrossed me like no other world in an MMO so far. But I feel like it’s time for me to set some goals, and what better goal than a legendary weapon?

Second thing is second (does this saying even exist?). What legendary do I get?! Well you see, I belong to the worst profession when it comes to legendaries (among other things).

Behold the beautiful shield. The book contains new Krytan text quit quotes from Meerak the Scribe from Guild Wars Prophecies. This shield is rooted deep in lore and suits me well.

The “book” contains new Krytan text with quotes from Meerak the Scribe/Shouter from Guild Wars Prophecies. This shield is rooted deep in lore and suits me well.

I’m an engineer. I have played an engineer since early beta and it is my one and only level 80. All of my time is invested in that character; my alts are often played but long left forgotten. Despite the fact that my legendary might not be shown half of the time, I’m still getting it for my engineer without regrets. My choices are slim: Quip, The Predator, Frenzy or The Flameseeker Prophecies. The choice may be obvious. While The Predator is cool and all, I dislike rifle on engineer and would rather get it for my warrior one day. While Frenzy seems interesting, I wouldn’t really be spending all that time under water in the game, yet. And while Quip is… No, let’s not talk about Quip. My choice: The Flameseeker Prophecies. 

So after I decided I decided to look at what’s involved in getting a legendary. First I looked at the ingredients: 

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 3.35.19 PM

Seems pretty simple right?…

No. Not at all.


The Chosen.png The Chosen is the precursor to the legendary, it’s used in the crafting. Like all precursors it’s notoriously hard to obtain unless your wallet is heavy.


Gift of The Flameseeker Prophecies.png Gift of The Flameseeker Prophecies requires 4 compenents:

Gift of Fortune.pngGift of Fortune requires 4 components:

Gift of Mastery.png Gift of Mastery is easier to obtain, its components are:


Seems like a pretty long list right? RIGHT? UP TOP! Well it is, and if you read between the lines you can see the blood, sweat, and tears involved so clearly you can almost smell it. These so called  “Gifts of ” should be called “Slave of”. So much more fitting.

All this being said, where am I currently on my quest? Well I’m dirt poor, maybe have like 10 gold. I bought the Bloodstone Shard and will be spending the next month finishing the Gift of Mastery: doing WvW for the Badges of Honor, all while hoping the WvW map I need completed clears up (just need the one borderlands). In the meantime I will be completing the world events daily to salvage some ectos and gain karma very passively (only need maybe 200,000 more). I will also be doing all 3 paths of Ascalon Catacombs when I can.

Along with planning ahead, I’m going to be levelling up my Weaponsmith crafting immediately to start being able to craft rares and exotics and start dumping those shields in the Mystic Forge for a chance at a precursor. Hopefully I will get very lucky. 

In the meantime, I will see you when I have the Gift of Mastery!

See you then!



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Tyria Talk: On Jotun Stelae

Hello and welcome to Tyria Talk, where I’m going to take a moment to mostly reflect and give my opinion on things about the game, whether that be about gameplay, lore, or even the state of the game. This one will be about lore.

Having only covered early history of Tyria, I learnt quite a lot about how vague early

Egyptian Stelae in the British Museum from the Thirteenth Dynasty, EA 226.

Egyptian Stelae in the British Museum from the Thirteenth Dynasty, EA 226.

history really is. Although it seems that I have brushed off quite a nice chunk of it, there is still so much left to be discovered and said. Through this however I learned so much about the jotun and they quickly rose up to be one of my favourite races in the game. Their story is one of those heart wrenching ones full of tragedy and you can’t help but feel bad for what they have become after knowing how great they really were. All it needs is some raunchy jotun love story hidden somewhere in the history. P.S I Jotun You? Romeo and Jotunette? 50 Shades of Jotun? Ew, I’ll stop.

Now, in game, most of the lore sources concerning all this early history stuff comes from the Durmand Priory studies on the jotun stelae and recounts from jotuns themselves. I was reading through the lore forums recently and was astonished by the amount of people who where saying that the jotun stelae were invalid and proven “wrong”. I wanted to take a bit of time to talk about that. But first, let’s get educated shall we?

Stelae. What the hell is this word? What does it mean? To summarize this: it’s slabs of stone with words on it (they could also be wood but jotuns used stone). In our case each stela (singular) recalls some form of history for the jotun. Now with that said and done, let’s move on!

So first let’s talk about the races on Tyria and who could have truly survived the last rise of the Elder Dragons. So as we now know, the 5 elder races were known to have for sure survived: the dwarves, Seer, mursaat, jotun and forgotten and one redeemed dragon champion, Glint. But were there more? Of course there were!



It looks like the jotun lived mostly in moutains and the Shiverpeaks on the continent of Tyria. They probably had little to no contact with outside races. If they did, they probably didn’t care to document this or these records were lost. We know the karka were living in the sea at this point, and the djinn were living in the deserts in Elona. Zommoros, the djinn who resides in our wonderful Mystic Forge, tells us of a time when the continents were different then they were now, and that he remembers the karka from that ancient time when the world was emptier. The reason the karka even appeared in Southsun Cove is because they were fleeing the deep sea dragon, having already known the troubles they will face from previous experience, making sure to avoid Orr and Zhaitan. So this can leave you to question what else was living in the deep sea? Where the krait there? What about the largos?

Who knows what was going on in Cantha at this point, and for that matter even Elona?We still have yet to discover what effect the elder dragons have on these continents, if any. We also know that there are other, yet unnamed continents on Tyria, which their own races and beings to be discovered. What was going on there? What races were living at this point?

But more importantly, what of the ogres, who are said to be genetically linked with the jotun? They obviously also survived considering they are bothering the charr. The jotun either didn’t know, or didn’t bother to tell us.

Zommoros, the Tyrian equivalent of your ex girlfriend or boyfriend: you gave him so much but in return he gives you crap.

Zommoros, the Tyrian equivalent of your ex girlfriend or boyfriend: you gave him so much but in return he gives you crap.

There’s no way the jotun were alone in the world with the elder races, and theres no way that they could have truly known everyone who was living with them in the world. I saw a video recently about our own planet earth, that was showing some potential footage of mermaids! Like holy crap, we don’t even know who we live with yet. Mind. Blowing. I spent the next 5 hours annoying the crap out of my girlfriend, questioning the universe and everything in it.

So, what does this all bring us to? Are the jotun stelae valid? They most definitely are. Just because they are proven wrong because other races could have survived the elder dragons shouldn’t allow us to oversee this excellent source of history. I admit, those jotuns probably flowered the crap out of their stelae with their pride in themselves and biases of unseen egotistical proportions. But truthfully: the stelae holds so much more value in experience, in what they were going through during the rise of the dragons. “A sextant of swallowers rose to consume the world” an excellant starting point to any study, and those little oversights are mere scratches on the foundations of some good lore.

No matter what we do, history will always be wrong. It will always be misleading. It will always be confusing. But we strive to answer the mysteries that confuse us; it’s in our human nature. I believe that ArenaNet has done a fantastic job portraying the vagueness of history in these early years. I’m glad that we have no true answer to what has been going on because it will take away all the fun in speculation.

Besides, this is a game, it’s all for fun. LET’S REMEMBER THIS!

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The Maguuma Twerk

You know, it’s just one of those days where the night before had no hours of sleep to give you… So, when you are at the point of being up for 24 hours, what do you do? The Maguuma Twerk. Let it blossom in your hearts.

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Spotlight: Magic and the Original Bloodstone

This post contains minor spoilers to the story of Guild Wars 2, although, most people should know these facts already. Going through the to the next chapter in the History of Tyria we are going to start talking about the Forgotten, the Dwarves and the arrival of the human gods. That being said, the Bloostone plays a very important role regarding magic in the world of Tyria, and I think it’s time to put a clear stamp on some of the most confusing lore regarding Guild Wars.

A seer.

A seer.

Magic has always existed in the world of Tyria. Since when the Giganticus Lupicus roamed the world, since before the first rise of the Elder Dragons. Magic exists in many forms; it’s known that old Canthan ritualists utilized magic different than that tied to the gods. The Forgotten also had magic of their own, it could not be corrupted by the elder dragons, and powerful enough to free Glaust from her masters grasp.

The elder races utilized magic and were free from the restrictions that the human gods had yet to put on it. When the elder dragons finally rose they consumed the world, and along with it, magic. Before the Elder Dragons had the opportunity to corrupt all the magic, the seers created the Bloodstone, a large stone they had forged, to store the untainted magic so it would not become corrupt. How they created the Bloodstone isn’t know. We don’t even know if the other races played a role in its creation (we know the mursaat didn’t because they fled and kept their magic before the elder dragons slumbered). The relation of the Bloodstone and what role it had, if any, with the elder dragons hibernating is also unknown.

The link between the Elder Dragons and magic is still very mysterious and is something we have yet to really delve into in Guild Wars 2. Eventually, and for unknown reasons, the dragons returned to their slumber. Primordus, the elder dragon residing in the depths of Tyria was known to bleed incredible amounts of magic; whether or not the other elder dragons did the same is unknown. When looking at the location of Orr, a place of immense magic, in which hidden beneath, the elder dragon Zhaitan was resting. He also seemed to bleed magic, giving Orr immense power.

Elder Dragon Primordus, resting in the Central Transfer Chamber of the asura, bleeding magic.

Elder Dragon Primordus, resting in the Central Transfer Chamber of the asura, bleeding magic.

After the dragons returned to hibernation, the races returned from their refuge. It was at this point that the Seers and the mursaat had their war, the jotun would rise to glory in the Age of Giants, the dwarves would forge their civilisation in the depths of the Shiverpeaks and the Forgotten would roam Tyria.

Magic stays static and untamed in the early history of Guild Wars, however, it gets really interesting with the arrival of the human gods. Humans, gods, dragons, mursaat and bloodstones will all play vital roles going through the story of Guild Wars and its ties with magic.

The complexities of magic in Tyria is hard to grasp and understand; its limits and origins are very unclear across the different magic types. I find its best that for now, to accept it exists and to not scrutinize it, yet. As for the bloodstones, they are suposed to play an important role continuing on into Guild Wars 2.

However, these are all stories for another time.


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Race Spotlight: The Jotun, Echoes of the Past

Sorry for my absence lately, I had my birthday recently and decided to take a week off to really delve into gaming. Also, please note that this post contains minor spoilers concerning the norn personal story as well as Arah explorable. 

“Behold. At the height of our power, arrogance and jealousy led the jotun to civil war. Our blood is the blood of the mountains. In it, there is power. And so we fought…over blood itself. The giant-kings turned on each other. Brother murdered brother. Son murdered father. What we did not realize is that with each death, we weakend the very blood we sought to claim.”

– Elder Thruln

Elder Thruln, Giant King of the jotun.

Elder Thruln, Giant King of the jotun.

The jotun are the last remnants of an ancient civilisation of giants. They were once a powerful, advanced and arrogant race who declared themselves the rulers of the Shiverpeak Mountains during the Age of Giants. It was during this age that they rose great monuments to themselves on the mountains peaks; great towers containing magics and lore. They were once peaceful and wise and were the protectors and guardians of all races lesser than them.

Being one of the elder races their age is unknown. They fought the dragons during their last rise and were saved by being stowed away by Glint.  Having survived the previous rise of the Elder Dragons, and foretelling their coming through the mystic telescope, we only know that they are very old and can possibly date back to before the records of the first rising on Tyria.

The jotun are mentioned to be linked with the ogres genetically; how and why this is, or what role the ogres played in jotun history and through the Age of Giants is still unknown. That is if they even had a role at all… According to the Durmand Priory, as seen by the recovered jotun relics, the jotun were once an attractive race. They soon fell into disfigurement and ugliness throughout the fall of their civilisation, when inbreeding plagued their society.

Jotun concept art.

Jotun concept art.

The jotun of old had no religion. They believe in themselves and their ancestors. Their blood was the most precious thing; in their blood was power, magic. It was what brought them divine powers, it’s what made them close to gods. Although the jotun of old had ties with the human gods of Tyria, who granted them magic and knowledge, they never worshipped them. Their society was led by their Giant-Kings, as well as their lore keepers, sages and mystics. The jotun leaders were powerful due to their feats of strength, magic, and lore. They were adepts in sorcery and natural philosophy.

We already covered what was the Age of Giants; a time where the giants races of Tyria ruled the world, and among them the jotun and the norn ruled the Shiverpeak Mountains. Through this we also saw a possible reason for their decline: when the gods stole magic from the jotuns. However, there is another story that is told of their decline, a story of a brutal blood feud sprung from pride and arrogance.

Thruln the Lost tell us the story of the jotun, who having had their magic stolen, lost everything, and in their confusion, lost their great civilisation. Now there is a second jotun who tells a story of their demise, Elder Thruln. Elder Thruln was once a Giant King of the jotun. Now as we can see, the two Thrulns share a name: this can either indicate that Thruln could be a title given to jotuns, implicating they are some type of lore master or story keeper of the jotun, or it could hold significance in lineage meaning that Elder Thruln and Thruln the Lost descend from their ancestor Thruln. It could simply be a name.

Elder Thruln as well as the Durmand Priory believe that the jotun, having become corrupted by pride and greed, sought to make their tribes superior. Through civil wars amongst the various tribes, as well as never marrying outside, their civilisation began to decline.

The jotun, once great and powerful, are now fragments of what they once were.

The jotun, once great and powerful, are now fragments of what they once were.

It goes as follows.

When the jotuns drove all their enemies from the Shiverpeaks and there was no one else to drive back, they suddenly became obsessed with their power. In the later years of their glory, blood feuds within their civilisation arose; a civil war sprung from pride and an obsession with continuing their superiority through their purity of blood. They wanted the lineage of their heroes, warlords and Giant Kings to grow stronger.

The civil war created rifts within jotun society having influenced marriages which soon led to inbreeding. They began to wipe out the “lesser” jotuns to acquire more territory, dismantling those tribes. It wasn’t soon after that that the Giant Kings turned against each other and began to fight for ultimate control.It was at this time where their great civilisation fell.

They became but echoes of the past.

Jotun concept art for Eye of the North.

Jotun concept art for Eye of the North.

Elder Thruln and Thruln the Lost both tell stories that can be very plausible. Perhaps even both events played a role in the demise of the jotun civilisation. One thing is for certain; with the exodus of the gods the Jotun regained their magical abilities, but due to their own arrogance and pride, they lost their lore keepers, sages and mystics. With them they lost the knowledge of magic they once held now secrets buried deep in the abyss.

The jotun we come across now are fragments of a once amazing race. They are merely savages striving to preserve only themselves. They are divided into tribes based on relation or alliances, holding strength and narcissism above all else. Their feuds followed along with their demise and they continue their attempts to extinguish lesser races, as well as their opposing clans.

Giant Kings are no longer. Their tribes are now lead by the strongest of the jotun. At the first sign of weakness their leader will be overthrown by another jotun claiming to have the strength to succeed where the later has fallen. They are very savage about their hierarchy and do not think about the consequences before they commit to action, very much unlike the charr. Their abilities in brute force and arms are reassuring to their tribe that they are fit to lead.

The jotun are now very territorial. The jotun woman and children are the most prized possessions of their society; they are the key to strong lineage and the continuation of their tribe. They are never seen and always hidden in an effort to preserve their safety. Because of this, anyone who comes across jotun territory will be met with only violence.

The males are the proactive ones in society: hunting food to bring to their child-bearers  and children, hunting the lesser races that they come across as well as opposing tribes who infringe on their territory. Any attempts at peace with them is futile: they lie as well as break treaties and oaths if it will not empower them. For them to hold true to their word they must have a clear benefit in the long term.

A jotun depiction, found in the story of Mr Sparkles, a tale of the asura.

A jotun depiction, found in the story of Mr Sparkles, a tale of the asura.

The jotun of this age have no true religion. They take the legends of their past to a religious level and worship their ancient heroes and ancestors. Some choose to simply worship themselves. They hold deep reverence for their ancestral homelands and ruins in which they live, adding to their territorial nature. Some jotun worship the elder dragon Jormag believing he will grant them the power to reclaim what they once were.

When coming across a jotun I can’t help but feel bad. They once held amazing power, and it’s sad to see what they’ve become. They are a true testament to what happens when we don’t resolve our internal conflicts. Throughout Guild Wars 2, I wouldn’t doubt seeing more revealed on this race, especially through the history of the norn. Their magics and great buildings will continue to play a major role throughout Guild Wars, and it’s exciting to think of the possibilites in their secrets that lay lost through the Shiverpeaks.

The far north awaits.

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